My First Book – West To Big Water – By Garry Camp Burdick

I have published my FIRST Book, it takes place after the Civil War and revolves around the adventures of three ex-civil war soldiers traveling from Connecticut to SF. They are riding strong horses on plain dirt roads, through woods, past small farms and towns. The most interesting parts are meeting up with other Blue and Gray jacketed soldiers with similar personalities forged by a war that killed and tore up so many men.

An excerpt from: “West To Big Water”

“In the middle of the first week in September Garth set out the dented, trail- worn tin cups, together with some sturdy cider that had been cooled in the spring water of the milk house. Mr. Camp, ever the talker, began the evening’s conversation by telling Garth how much he admired the rifle that he had been shown him the first week of his employment.  Garth, ever the chess player felt that Mr. Camp, unknowing as he was of the game ahead, led off with a fragile move. Garth felt his own checkmate was but ten moves ahead. He reached forward to fill Mr. Camps cup yet again. Many pints and many hours into the night there two cups rang out in the still night air as they clicked tin against tin sealing the bargain. Garth sure of his conquest, that he was the owner of the best horse this side of Denver. The horse, a majestic gray with a heart shaped shoe on his front right hoof, at last belonged to Garth. The headache that Garth suffered was as monumental as the gray. Mr. Camp, none the worse for drink and pleased that he had a captured audience until dawn, felt he had the best part of the deal. Camp bargained for twenty dollars and a Sharps rifle, found by Garth during a march near Gettysburg. J.T. had to laugh that the fine horse was genuinely a grant, so it was that“General Grant” was ever after so called. The Sharps had belonged to a rebel from Chattanooga found dead a few yards off a beaten muddy road, the name of the young trooper carved in its walnut stock, clear and straight, together with the word “Mom” and the date June 9, 1864.  Garth was gratified to rid himself of this malignant object to Mr. Camp a poignant reminder of a war that he no longer wanted to remember.”

The book begins after the men have been away from the war and they are ready to move West.

It’s easy to order through Amazon – please check it out. Plus if you buy 4 books you get one free.


Garry Camp Burdick

tanya burdick

Congrats Garry! we are all proud of you. cant wait to read it!!