Smithsonian – National Portrait Gallery – Norman Rockwell

In the year 2004 I was honored by the National Portrait Gallery who added FIVE of my Norman Rockwell images to their collection. WOW…. what a day that was and a moment that I will never forget. Here are the five images that they selected.

Norman Rockwell Portrait in StudioNorman Rockwell Portrait Lighting MatchNorman Rockwell Portrait Pointing BrushNorman Rockwell Portrait Pipe and BrushesNorman Rockwell In Studio


Professor Burdick, congratulations! I remember you showing us that first photo when you brought us to visit your home. 🙂

Letitia Wallace – WCSU class of 2003


I am so sorry to have missed your exciting show but so glad to see your wonderful work with Norman Rockwell.

I am a big fan of yours and was so glad to have the opportunity and privilege to work with you while getting my MFA at WCSU. You were so helpful and inspiring and always interesting and encouraging, thankyou!!!


HI…GREAT WRITEUP IN THE BROOKFIELD NEWS I REMEMBER (GARRY)FROM WHEN I WORKED FOR HIS FATHER(LEE hat co.)wonderful article….i predicted he would go far….dom darmento