“West To Big Water” gets a review….

  “Garry, I better write before the power goes off . An epic western told in a novella.  Some very fine, original writing and content, professional level fiction that would have sold easily in the pre-TV reading-era of 1940s and early 1950s.  Some of your short, one or two page chapters could’ve easily been expanded into longer ones, all the ideas are there.  I am amazed at some of the writing, the shadows of the children no longer there after their shocking murders; the reader’s instant recognition of the bad guys such as Thin Lips and The Fat Man from cues like ill-fit clothing or a stolen rifle.  I wonder where you came by such knowledge (and the original ideas for the plot and scenes) – such as how to traverse a river with wagons, the pony express system, and especially the unique architecture within the barn to accommodate the animals able to lie down, their heads all facing one another.  Also the trysting spot for the two lovers becomes a chimney for the fire!”

“I salute your wife too for the wonderful cover and your daughter for her photo and design of the book.”
“From the notes you wrote I gather you are expanding the story and eventually it could be all one large grand western novel.”

All best,

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